Tuesday, 14 August 2012

RM Associates

Rushi Munshi principle consultant for R M Associates has worked with UMCC developing the following five key aspects of our development:

Develop European Union wide partnerships
Through EUCLID network, a visit was made for a conference in Napes, Italy, where contacts with key partners were established in September 2011. It has enabled to establish a wide network of contacts and potential partnerships in Italy, Turkey, France, Switzerland, etc.

Approved Development Centre for the Institute of Leadership & Management
R M Associates developed four bespoke training programmes and obtained Approved Development Centre status from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) to UMCC. The four training programmes are: Leadership in Action; Fluent in Finance; Business Planning and Commissioning and Contracting. Rushi Munshi will be delivering these training programmes.

Training provision
A range of training programme have been delivered, such as Presentation Skills, Mentoring & Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, etc. as part of the delivery contract based on the training needs analysis.

Business Plan
A comprehensive Business Plan has been developed for the UMCC providing direction and diversifying for income generation in the future.

Rotherham Adventure Playground
Rushi Munshi liaised with Rotherham Council and developed a Business Case for the UMCC to obtain Rotherham Adventure Playground. It has resulted into UMCC obtaining Rotherham Adventure Playground, valued at over a million pound on a long terms lease, on a peppercorn rent.
In addition, R M Associates has been undertaking financial management of the organisation for the last four years.

To discover more about R M Associates please visit the website: rushimunshi.com

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